Witness Studios is a non-profit project. The mission is to uplift the voices of artists by curation through meditative media forms-such as books, artwork, and photography.

The design of Volume 001  is intended to contrast the digital medium by which people receive news and information. The intent was to prove that through the form of the book we can display soulfully enriching and honest photography, artwork, and poetry, that connotes the edifices of marginalized communities in spite of the divisive rhetoric and agendas of algorithmic and corporate news media.

Witness' intent spans beyond contemporary politics, however. It digs deep into the holism of the artist community in Louisville. Artist Book Reviews 
writes in their review of 001 that,"While the publication is so focused on Louisville’s deep racism, it is also a love letter to that city — not to [Louisville's] police or its history, but to the network of artists and activists there. In its intense focus on one place and one short span of time, Witness manages to impart something much larger: a blooming, a spreading-out of that complex, nameless sense of love." The overarching goal of Witness is to provide a window for viewers into the perspective of the artist - and a doorway for the artist to project their voice.